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Subi fencing contractor is one of Chennai's most prominent friends using product manufacturers and suppliers. We manufacture the following fencing products barbed wire, chain link mesh, RCC fencing pole fencing stone poles, PVC chain link role fencing bend post. All these materials are manufactured in our facility and monitored under professional care.

We provide raw materials from top-quality raw material suppliers in India. We make sure our products are highly qualified for all weather conditions. Our fencing rolls and barbed wires will withstand all types of climate conditions.

RCC fencing polls are manufactured and cued for more than a week. We have a big ground-level water tank. After completing the manufacturing process, we will put all the RCC fencing posts in the water tank, immerse it, and stay for more than a week. This process is called curing.

This curing process will last for 7 days to 10 days in this. The fencing post will get harder and its quality will also be improved

Subi Fencing is the leading supplier of fencing products in chennai

Fencing Products in Chennai

Barbed Wire

we manufacture barbed wire in various dimensions and thicknesses. We have all barbed wire available Subi fencing contractors manufacture barbed wire and supply it to various parts of South India. You can call us anytime for your requirement.

Fencing Products in Chennai

Chain-link Mesh

Subi fencing has a fully automatic chain link machine capable of manufacturing top-quality fencing roles. This chain link rolls GI-coated fencing material.

RCC Fencing Poles

RCC fencing polls are manufactured and cued for more than a week. Subi is the leaders if fencing product supplier of this kind of product in Tamil Nadu

Fencing Stone Pole

It is very good to put fencing with fencing stone post, it is used in agriculture land, open ground and many other places

PVC Chain-link Role

typical chain link role or GI channeling GI coated chain link material, and another type of fencing is available in the market. PVC-coated chain link materials RE used in agriculture land, farmhouse land, and swimming pool maintenance

Fencing bend Pole

Subi fencing contractor also manufactures fencing bend posts. These posts are used to put chain link fencing and barbed wire fencing. This is more secure at this price point.

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