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Barbed Wire Fencing in Chennai

We under take all type of fencing contract work. We are the leaders of Barbed wire Fencing in Chennai

Barbed wire fencing is the best way of fencing. It keeps intruders away from entering your property. Who is an intruder? An intruder is a person or even an animal that tries to enter a property without prior permission from the property owner.

So technically, if someone tries to enter your property without your permission, it is impossible if you put barbed wire fencing to safeguard your boundaries. If someone tries to jump over your barbed wire fencing, he will have tears on his skin, and the injury will be very high.

Subi fencing contractor is the best-barbed wire fencing contractor in Chennai. We have done barbed wire fencing in Chennai for the past 20 years. We have wide experience in the barbed wire fencing industry. We know how to put quality barbed wire fencing in Chennai and where to put which type of fencing.

Fencing is not the easiest task because fencing needs an expert. If you are willing to put barbed wire fencing in Chennai, you can contact Subi fencing anytime for your requirement.

We are eager to work with you and will make our clients happy. This barbed wire fencing we have put in various parts of Chennai has lasted for many years. One of our biggest clients in Chennai is near the Madhava ram milk farm; we have put barbed wire fencing for them, lasting over 2 decades. It is our legacy.

Fencing will not last for many years if you put barbed wire fencing with market-quality barbed wire. You will be in a position where you have to change the barbed wire in 5 to 6 years. But Subi fencing barbed wires are the top quality barbed wires in the market.

We are sourcing our fencing wires which are the main raw material for the barbed wire, from leading India's top fencing wire manufacturers, and it is renewed and is well known for its quality.

Have you ever built a barbed wire fence? If yes, go and check your fencing wires' status. If it is a good barbed wire, it will last more than 10 to 15 years. If it is a bad barbed wire, then even within 5 to 6 years, your barbed wire will be rested and will not last.

So, in this case, you can call Subi fencing to replace your existing fencing, and Subi fencing will make you fine fencing, which will last for many years, and your property will be safe and secure for many years.

Barbed wire fencing in Chennai is a good move. Suppose you have a property on the outskirts of Chennai. In that case, you should go for fencing if your property is under the biggest risk of encroachers, intruders, and many other vulnerabilities.

Barbed wire fencing contractors in chennai

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Barbed wire fencing or chain link fencing?

Suppose you ask me whether wire bead or chain link fencing is the best in Chennai. In that case, my answer will be it is based on the location where you are putting the fencing if safety is your priority, then you can go with barbed wire fencing east beauty is your priority, then you can go with chain link fencing.

Another best option is there, and that is very interesting. You can even go for a combo of barbed wire fencing and chain link fencing; This will be a big and super move, giving both safety and beauty to your property's boundary.

Different types of barbed wire fencing

  • X model barbed fencing
  • U model barbed wire fencing
  • box model barbed wire fencing
  • line model barbed wire fencing

You can call Subi fencing anytime if you want to know more about all kinds of barbed wire fencing. Our executives or ready to serve you and explain to you the details you want to know about barbed wire fencing in Chennai

Do you know one thing Subi fencing is also doing all fencing contract works in all parts of Tamil Nadu, Kerala Karnataka, Andhra, and Pondicherry, any of the above regions? You can call us. Our experts will visit your place and guide you in the best way to secure your property.

How much does it cost to build a barbed wire fence?

Building barbed wire fencing is an ideal choice to protect your property from any risk. So do you think building barbed wire fencing is an expensive task? The answer is no. It is the cheapest option compared to all the other types of fencing available in the market subi fencing contractor is an expert in putting barbed wire fencing for your property.

We have been in the industry for the past 15-plus years and have completed more than 5000 properties where we have installed barbed wire fencing.

The line model barbed wire fencing is the cheapest compared to all the other barbed wire fencing because it consists of only five lines of barbed wires. Barbed wire fitted with a stone post are RCC cement post for every 10 feet because the materials used in this model is deficient the price is also low;

We charge by running feet if you give us a big property, for example, 5000 plus running feet then the cost would be different primary people used to put barbed wire fencing for their property might be 200 running feet.

For 200 running feet, our charges are different compared to 1000 plus running feet it is because labor, material, and transportation costs incurred will be the same for 1000 running feet and also for 200 running feet, so in this case, the 200 running feet project will be a little bit expensive then the 1000 plus running feet project. Our line model fencing price starts from ₹90 per running foot *conditions apply.

X model fencing compared to line model fencing X model has two more extra barbed wire lines, which will pass every post. The two cross lines of the barbed wire increase the safety of the barbed wire fencing compared to the line model. The cost will also be slightly higher than the line model fencing. Our price starts from ₹100 per running feet for X model barbed wire fencing.

U model barbed wire fencing. Most people prefer to use barbed wire fencing or U-model barbed wire fencing for their property. Do you know why? Because it is safer than the X and line models. 5 horizontal lines and 10 vertical lines of barbed wire fitted in between 2 polls.

It will look like a U-shaped vertical line passing through the fencing. Because the material used for these models is high and the labor and time taken to complete the project is higher than all the other models, this type of fencing is a little bit more expensive than the line and X models.

Our price starts from ₹125 per running foot, which will be different for higher running feet projects. 

Box model barbed wire fencing. Both the box model and U model r cost-wise equally charged. The difference is in the new model, the vertical line will continuously run towards the end of the fencing, but in the box model, the barbed wire, the vertical lines will be cut and attached with the horizontal lines so that it will look like a box shape.

What Should be Concidered before selecting a Barbed wire Fencing model?

The cost depends upon the selection of the models. There are many different models of barbed wire fencing available to us. You can choose budget-friendly and the type of barbed wire fencing suitable for your property. Before considering the budget, you should consider your property's safety; safety comes first.

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