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Barbed Wire Fencing

Barbed wire fencing is a type in which the Barbed wire is tied with a fencing post. There are many different models of barbed wire fencing available with Subi fencing contractors. Subi fencing is one of the best manufacturers of GI coated barbed wires

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Chain-Link Fencing

Chain-Link fencing is the type of fencing which is made up of chain-link mesh GI coated chain link mesh or tied with an RCC fencing pole. There are many different types of chain link fencing available with Subi fencing contractor

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RCC Compound Wall

RCC compound wall is otherwise called a readymade compound wall It is effortless to put readymade compound wall Subi fencing is a pioneer in the precast compound wall, We are manufacturer of RCC compound walls and fencing poles

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Our Products

Subi Fencing, Manufacturer, Supplier and Contractor of Fencing products

Barbed Wire

We do manufacture GI-coated barbed wires and also supply barbed wires in wholesale and retail best price guaranteed

Razor Wire

Razor wire fencing is the most expensive way of putting fencing and provides top security for your property. We are the supplier of razor wire in South India

Chain-Link Mesh

Subi fencing manufacturer GI coated chain link mesh; we also supply chain link mesh at the best price all over Tamil Nadu and South India.

Fencing Stone Poles

RCC fencing poles can be used for all properties, but Fencing stone poles have a unique and strong tradition, for Agricultural land we use Stone poles.

RCC Fencing Pole

We manufacture RCC fencing poles, our manufacturing process is more precise, fencing poles are made under professional supervision.

RCC compound wall slab

Fencing alone is not enaugh few place need more privacy  then normal traditional fencing For that Subi Fencing started to manufacture.

Welcome to Subi Fencing, The "best fencing contractors Chennai"

If you are searching for the best Fencing contractor in Chennai, then you are at the right destination. Yes, the Subi fencing contractor is the best. It started way back 20 years, with more than two decades of experience in the fencing industry. Subi fencing contractor rules the fencing industry in Chennai; we know which fencing will fit and suit your property. Every area is different from others; in one area, RCC fencing poles can be used, and in other areas, you cannot use them, and there You should use stone poles.

Can be identified by the experts only the right choice of fencing will last for many years, even for decades. If you have chosen the wrong choice of fencing, then it might be worn out within a few months. If you go out to the outskirts of Chennai, you will find many fencing poles lit down in the land because of the wrong choice of fencing.

Few people think that they are too smart and bring normal building construction labor to their property and put the fencing by themselves for sure it will not last for many years because these laborers don't know how to lay effective fencing. They don't know how much tension we need to give to the fencing wires; loosely tied fencing wire will warn out quickly. And too much tightened fencing wire will make the RCC post worn out. So an expert touch is needed for long-lasting fencing.

Subi fencing work in Chennai is done with the labour force those who are more than 15 to 20 years of experience in the fencing industry and they know they technique of putting quality and good fencing that will last for many years most of the fencing contractors in Chennai using the local made single iron rod RCC fencing poles this poles will not last for even months because it is not cured properly and the concrete used in the preparation is very low in quality so these kind of fencing poles will not stand for many years.

Subi fencing contractor manufacture our own RCC fencing pole in our own facility in Chinna Salem it ensures that we have quality fencing poles all our fencing poles will have 4 iron rods and 7 rings this rods and rings r ensuring the strength of the fencing poles Subi fencing contractor is the manufacturer and supplier of RCC fencing poles in Chennai we also supply RCC fencing poles for all parts of Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Kerala and Karnataka if you have requirements of fencing RCC poles you can contact us and we will deliver it on time.

Subi fencing contractor is the best in the industry because we manufacture our fencing wires in our facility. We do chain link mesh barbed wire and fencing stay wires. We started our manufacturing plants because we want to ensure the best quality. All the fencing wires we make are made up of high-quality GI-coated wires.

Subi fencing specialty is we have our transport facility. Why do you have to select Subi fencing? Because VR is quality conscious, and we are manufacturing all the things which we need to put fencing on our own, this reduces the cost of the products, and intern it will benefit our customers in our pricing; please feel free to contact us anytime for best fencing quotation

Few of our Elite client List
We have server many elite clients in south India few are listed below

"Subi Fencing is the best fencing contactor in the city, they did the work on time"

Mr. Abdur Rahuman

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Fencing contractors in chennai client List
Fencing contractor in chennai client list
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