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Best Fencing contractor in Chennaitamabaram

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Fencing work in Tambaram

Subi-fencing contractors are the market leaders in Fencing Industry in Chennai. With more than thousands of projects around Chennai and Tamil Nadu. We have 20 years of experience in fencing free.


Moreover, we have our own manufacturing unit where we manufacture fencing materials. In High-grade quality and we do fence service. Through Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Tambaram is in the Southwestern part of Chennai. It is known for its history and cultural significance. Major IT hubs they are in important places in Tambaram. If we think about Tambaram, we get more places like the Railway station, church, and other historical places. It is well connected to Chennai City through Bus transportation, Train, and metro. For the past 60 years Tambaram is one of the destinations for the people who are coming to Chennai to start a business and restaurants. Tambaram is one of the oldest areas in Chennai. 



Right now, major restaurants and textile shops, Shopping complexes. Add started in Tambaram at the beginning of the development of Chennai. Tambaram is the best destination for shopping and buying wholesale goods. Tambaram is known for its railway station. It is one of the best residential areas for families and professional people. Tambaram is surrounded by good companies IT parks, schools Educational Institutes and good Healthcare. Tambaram is known as the Southgate of Chennai. It is the hub for major IT companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro, and Infosys. Tambaram has a small hill called Saint Mount, one of the major tourist destinations around Tambaram. Moreover, Indian Air Force Base is located in Tambaram, Sri Ramachandra Medical College is one of the famous medical colleges near Tambaram. And it has the Major railway hub. Tambaram is also known for its lively marketplaces like Tambram Santom market and Velachery market road. And Chennai International Airport is located 15 kilometers away from Tamil. Famous temples, mosques and churches are located in Tambaram. Where? Most of the public walk-ins are there.

How does the Subi The Best Fencing contractor help you?

Big luxury apartments on properties are available through Tambaram. Major construction companies are building more properties inside and outside of Tambaram. You can find lots of empty Plots around Tambaram. In case you buy a plot on the outskirts of Tambaram. It is a good decision as Tambaram is one of the hotspots in Chennai. Which has continuous growth in Chennai city history. To protect your property and commercial land, Create fence boundaries. Around your property will be the right choice, creating an impression that the property is yours so other people will not try to enter your property without your permission. So, Try to choose the Best Fencing contractors in Chennai

How to choose a Fencing contractor

  • Try to learn about the fencing work and how it is fencing. Projects will be done for the property.
  • Get contacts of Fencing contractors in Chennai through the Internet. And from family members or friends.
  • Try to compare all the fencing contractors with each other. So you will get a better idea regarding fencing works and good estimations.
  • Choose the best fencing contractor who has. More years of experience in this field.
  • Importantly. Notice what Kind of Products they used for fencing works.
  • Discuss the fencing type which will be suited to your properties.
  • Try to explain your budget and money South that they get a good idea about what kind of fencing will come under your budget. On trying not to put cheapest fencing work which will not last for more years.
  • Follow the above points to choose the best fencing contractors in Chennai

What kind of fencing will be suitable for Chennai city?

We prefer 2 types of fencing. They are.


Line fencing:

Line fencing is the type of fencing used in the city side and the outskirts of cities. The fence wire will be placed with Stone poles and cement poles at a one-meter distance.


Barbed wire fencing:

Barbwire fencing where throne kind of Metal will be coming out of the fencing way, which will be very sharp for every inch, which will be more protective and able to enter into the Boundary by climbing.


Chain fencing:

Chain fencing is the most used fencing that will protect the land width and high security. The fencing wire is intersected in a diamond shape with each other. Highly protective when compared to another fencing. Suppose you want to protect in higher Fencing is one of the good options.

We are giving you other options like RCC Compound Walls. In case you Don't want to build a wall with high cost, an RCC compound wall will be a good solution that consumes only 20% of the cost of constructing a regular kind of wall.

What are the threats? You will be facing. Did you think you were doing any fencing work?

A major threat is land encroachment, where the nearby property owner will try to acquire your land knowingly or unknowingly. Losing a single square foot will be costlier in the future So it would be best if you were keen to protect your land. So be proactive and try to build your boundaries.

Make your property stand out with our expert fencing installation services in Chennai, Sholinganallur

Why choose Subi fencing as your Best fencing contractor in chennai?

With more than 20 years of experience, we had great exposure in the fencing field. And we have our manufacturing unit where we produce our fencing materials in quality or manner. If you come to us, we will guide you from starting to ending the fencing work. As we have our manufacturing unit, we can able to. Do customized fencing and RCC wall according to your needs and your budget. Before doing any fencing work we will come directly for an inspection of your land, and we will give your Ideas regarding what kind of Fencing type will be suited for your property in that exact location. So, contact us immediately to 99945 07632 for more details. Please. Visit our website to see about our projects. www.subifencingcontractor.in

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