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Fencing Contractors in Tambaram Chennai

Best Fencing contractor in Chennaitamabaram

Call now to schedule your fencing consultation with Subi fencing, the Best Fencing contractor in ChennaiTambaram

Fencing work in Tambaram

Subi-fencing contractors are the market leaders in Fencing Industry in Chennai. With more than thousands of projects around Chennai and Tamil Nadu. We have 20 years of experience in fencing free.


Moreover, we have our own manufacturing unit where we manufacture fencing materials. In High-grade quality and we do fence service. Through Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Tambaram is in the Southwestern part of Chennai. It is known for its history and cultural significance. Major IT hubs they are in important places in Tambaram. If we think about Tambaram, we get more places like the Railway station, church, and other historical places. It is well connected to Chennai City through Bus transportation, Train, and metro. For the past 60 years Tambaram is one of the destinations for the people who are coming to Chennai to start a business and restaurants. Tambaram is one of the oldest areas in Chennai. 



Right now, major restaurants and textile shops, Shopping complexes. Add started in Tambaram at the beginning of the development of Chennai. Tambaram is the best destination for shopping and buying wholesale goods. Tambaram is known for its railway station. It is one of the best residential areas for families and professional people. Tambaram is surrounded by good companies IT parks, schools Educational Institutes and good Healthcare. Tambaram is known as the Southgate of Chennai. It is the hub for major IT companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro, and Infosys. Tambaram has a small hill called Saint Mount, one of the major tourist destinations around Tambaram. Moreover, Indian Air Force Base is located in Tambaram, Sri Ramachandra Medical College is one of the famous medical colleges near Tambaram. And it has the Major railway hub. Tambaram is also known for its lively marketplaces like Tambram Santom market and Velachery market road. And Chennai International Airport is located 15 kilometers away from Tamil. Famous temples, mosques and churches are located in Tambaram. Where? Most of the public walk-ins are there.

How does the Subi The Best Fencing contractor help you?

Big luxury apartments on properties are available through Tambaram. Major construction companies are building more properties inside and outside of Tambaram. You can find lots of empty Plots around Tambaram. In case you buy a plot on the outskirts of Tambaram. It is a good decision as Tambaram is one of the hotspots in Chennai. Which has continuous growth in Chennai city history. To protect your property and commercial land, Create fence boundaries. Around your property will be the right choice, creating an impression that the property is yours so other people will not try to enter your property without your permission. So, Try to choose the Best Fencing contractors in Chennai

How to choose a Fencing contractor

  • Try to learn about the fencing work and how it is fencing. Projects will be done for the property.
  • Get contacts of Fencing contractors in Chennai through the Internet. And from family members or friends.
  • Try to compare all the fencing contractors with each other. So you will get a better idea regarding fencing works and good estimations.
  • Choose the best fencing contractor who has. More years of experience in this field.
  • Importantly. Notice what Kind of Products they used for fencing works.
  • Discuss the fencing type which will be suited to your properties.
  • Try to explain your budget and money South that they get a good idea about what kind of fencing will come under your budget. On trying not to put cheapest fencing work which will not last for more years.
  • Follow the above points to choose the best fencing contractors in Chennai

What kind of fencing will be suitable for Chennai city?

We prefer 2 types of fencing. They are.


Line fencing:

Line fencing is the type of fencing used in the city side and the outskirts of cities. The fence wire will be placed with Stone poles and cement poles at a one-meter distance.


Barbed wire fencing:

Barbwire fencing where throne kind of Metal will be coming out of the fencing way, which will be very sharp for every inch, which will be more protective and able to enter into the Boundary by climbing.


Chain fencing:

Chain fencing is the most used fencing that will protect the land width and high security. The fencing wire is intersected in a diamond shape with each other. Highly protective when compared to another fencing. Suppose you want to protect in higher Fencing is one of the good options.

We are giving you other options like RCC Compound Walls. In case you Don't want to build a wall with high cost, an RCC compound wall will be a good solution that consumes only 20% of the cost of constructing a regular kind of wall.

What are the threats? You will be facing. Did you think you were doing any fencing work?

A major threat is land encroachment, where the nearby property owner will try to acquire your land knowingly or unknowingly. Losing a single square foot will be costlier in the future So it would be best if you were keen to protect your land. So be proactive and try to build your boundaries.

Make your property stand out with our expert fencing installation services in Chennai, Sholinganallur

Why choose Subi fencing as your Best fencing contractor in chennai?

With more than 20 years of experience, we had great exposure in the fencing field. And we have our manufacturing unit where we produce our fencing materials in quality or manner. If you come to us, we will guide you from starting to ending the fencing work. As we have our manufacturing unit, we can able to. Do customized fencing and RCC wall according to your needs and your budget. Before doing any fencing work we will come directly for an inspection of your land, and we will give your Ideas regarding what kind of Fencing type will be suited for your property in that exact location. So, contact us immediately to 99945 07632 for more details. Please. Visit our website to see about our projects. www.subifencingcontractor.in

Contact us immediately for quality fencing work for your property within your budget.


Fencing contractors in Porur Chennai

Best Fencing contractors in Chennai, Porur

Call now to schedule your fencing consultation with Subi fencing, the Leading Fencing contractors in Porur Chennai.

Best Fencing Contractors in Chennai, Porur


Subi-fencing contractors Are the leading fencing contractors with more than 20 years of Experience in the field and are known as the best fencing contractors in Chennai. We are manufacturing Fencing products, and we are also doing fencing services.

Porur is known for its commercial estates and residential Buildings. Moreover, all the Chennai people are willing to buy homes and properties in porur. It is well connected to IT parks and other educational institutes around Chennai, and it is good connectivity with all the parts of Chennai. Porur is one of the well develop Suburban in the western part of Chennai. Porur is well developed in all manners with infrastructure residential Real estate and Health Care. and so on.

Most MNC companies. And IT parks are available inside and outputs of porur. So, Getting an property in porur will be best choice for the people in Chennai. Porur is well-connected all the places in Chennai. Moreover, all the real estates and major luxury apartments are available in porur. For example, Casa Grande, Appaswamy real estate is available around porur. People think porur will be the right choice to buy new properties and start new life in Chennai. Porur is the best place to raise their children as it has Good Educational institutes around it. It will be the right place for their child with good education.

Moreover, IT parks and other kind of BPO’s are available. in porur. More than thousands of employees are working in that kind of sector. If they buy properties around porur, it will be more convenient to go to their Workplace. So, people around porur who has their working place are willing to buy properties in Porur.

How to protect your properties?

Buying a property is a dream for every Chennai people. Moreover, they are spending their lifetime earnings as an investment in a property. But they should also be keen on protecting them from threats. So, fencing and building an compound wall will be a greater solution to protect and increase the privacy of the property.

While comparing to building a wall, constructing a fence and creating the boundary will be more feasible, and it will come under their budget. It is more cost-efficient, and it consumes only 15 to 20% of the money of constructing a Compound wall.


Why choose fencing service?

As we have already told that fencing consumes less amount while comparing to the compound wall, and you can be able to construct a fence within a week. Moreover, it will be an instant solution when compared to constructing a wall.

What threats are there around Chennai for your properties?

As the population in Chennai is overflowing. The properties inside and around Chennai are in high demand if you are buying a property in Chennai. Without any protection there is a chance of land encryption, so you will lose the property to other people. The people nearer to your property may extend their construction work knowingly or unknowingly inside your property. So, you will lose your properties, and losing a single square foot will end bigger amount in future.

What type of fencing it will be very useful in Chennai?

As Chennai is very congested in both Population and area-wise. At the same time, you are buying a property inside Chennai. we should be very keen about what kind of fencing are you going to do? We will be suggesting stone pole with chain link fencing inside Chennai because it will give more protection when compared to other kinds of fencing. So that no people are trying to enter your properties without your knowledge. And no one can try to extend their Construction or properties inside your boundary. So, try to build and fence as soon as possible when you buy a property, which gives you more security and privacy for your Land. Moreover, there are fewer the land is available in Chennai, so don't try to take risks and lose land or properties.

What are the criteria you should think about before choosing a contractor?

  • You should be keen that how many years of Experience your fencing contractor has.
  • Always try to have more contacts and try to grab more Fencing contractor's details from the Internet and from your Family Circle.
  • Try to come with your fencing coated with another fencing contractor. You may get more better estimation and good service.
  • Always tried to go with good estimation, which comes under your budget.
  • Try to be keen about what kind of products they are using and try to get knowledge regarding fencing services and how Friends are being constructed.

Make your property stand out with our expert fencing installation services in Porur Chennai.

Why choose a Subi fencing contractor for your fencing work?

As a Subi fencing contractor, are having 20 years of Experience in the fencing field. We are manufacturing both fencing products and doing fencing service all over Tamil Nadu and Chennai. We have done more than thousands of projects. Until the date and all the clients are Happy with our finishing work. Our fence is lasting more than a decade. Choosing Subi fencing will be a one-time investment for a fence, and we are giving proper service until the fencing work is finished.

And we have our manufacturing unit, so we can be able to create customise fence for your fencing, and work according to your budget and money. We will be available on all days, so it will be convenient for you to call so, please contact us with our respective number 9994507632 and we have our website you can be able to see about our projects, what have we done, and what are the projects undergoing in Chennai and all over Tamil Nadu. If you want to get more knowledge and what kind of fencing work to be done for your properties? You can be able to get more insights from our website. So please do visit our website www.Subifencingcontractor.in. Please try to contact us website and through your phone number. Will be guiding you from start to. Ending of your fencing work.

Fencing contractors in Poonamallee Chennai

Best Fencing contractors in Chennai, Poonamallee

Call now to schedule your fencing consultation with Subi fencing, the Leading Fencing contractors in Poonamallee Chennai.

Best Fencing Contractors in Chennai, Poonamallee

If you are seeking a fencing service, you are at the right place. Subi-fencing contractors have 20 years of experience in fencing service. We are having Manufacture unit, so we are producing more fencing products, and we are also doing fencing services throughout Chennai and Tamil Nadu.

Poonamallee is located on the western side of Chennai. Moreover, Poonamallee has a rich history and culture in Chennai, it has both old and new development in it. It has high Heritage value in Chennai, and it is known for its Older buildings, History, and monuments. Poonamalle is covered with famous temples. Poonamalle is well covered with public transport, so people inside Poonamallee Can Travel throughout Chennai. Poonamallee is known for shopping malls, Restaurants, and other kinds of entertainment spots. It is a commercial place where people come to buy products and do shopping. Poonamalle is well connected to another part of Chennai, so people inside Poonamallee can move wherever they want, People feel easier to go to the workplace from Poonamallee. So only we are known as the best fencing contractors in Chennai

Poonamallee is home for several Schools, Educational institutes, and hospitals. So, people around Chennai willing to move to Poonamallee, So they can have a good life in Chennai. Many MNC companies and other industry-oriented companies are willing to move to Chennai.And for them Poonamallee will be the right spot to start their business or firm. There are more job opportunities around poonamallee, so freshers and new graduate people can get more jobs and opportunities.

Will Poonamallee be the right place to buy Properties?

Poonamallee is one of the older Chennai, and it has a larger population with the congested area. It is very how to find properties inside Poonamallee? But you can be able to find more properties and lands around Poonamallee. So, buying a property around Poonamalle will be the right choice. And Poonamallee is well connected to Chennai's Suburban areas. Most of the educational institutes and parks and major hospitals, and health centres are around poonamallee.

It will be very feasible for all the people around Poonamallee if they buy Property. They can move wherever they want they can go to the workplace very easily.

How much fencing work will help your property?

In Chennai, there is no guarantee to protect our property without any protection, so fencing will be a great idea to create your boundaries. And it will create more security and privacy for your property. So, doing fencing work around your land will be a good idea to protect your Property from other kinds of threats and other People.

What kind of threats are there for your properties?

As land encroachment is becoming a common thing around Chennai, it is the Prime threat to your land. So, always be proactive and create a boundary line to your properties so that you can be able to insist other people that it is your property and no one is allowed to construct or come inside your property. Unflinching is the best solution is to create a boundary for your property. So choose the Best Fencing Contractors in Chennai

How to choose Best fencing contractor?

After you plan to do fencing work for your properties, these are the important points. You should do the following:

  • Try to learn and grab information regarding fencing work and what kind of products should be used for fencing.
  • Try to collect details regarding fencing contractors. and try to compare so that you can get a better idea about each other.
  • Do direct conversation with all the fencing contractors so you can be able to find a good estimation for your fencing works.
  • Most importantly try to see the experience and how many years the fencing contractors have been there in the field.
  • Do not try to do fencing work for a very cheaper amount so that your fence will not be damage within a short period and the money which you Spending for the fence will be Worthless.
  • Consult your fencing contractors. What kind of fence will be suitable for your properties?
  • Try to get the first-class fencing materials to your fences so that they will be lasting at least a decade.
  • Finally, please ensure what kind of products the fencing contractors are using.
  • If you follow the above points you can able to get the best fencing contractors in chennai

What kind of fencing work will be suitable for your properties?

Stone pole with Chain Link Fence will be more suitable inside Chennai. It will give more security and protection for your property. Suppose you are having any kind of threats we will be suggesting putting barbed wires or razor wire fence so that no one tries to enter your property.

Moreover, we are also giving concrete compound wall solutions. If you choose the RCC compound wall, it will cost you only 20% of the building and compound wall, with regular materials. It is one of the best instant solutions to protect your boundaries.

Why choose Subi Fencing as fencing contractors?

As Subi fencing contractors, are they been influencing the field for the past 20 years we are having good experience and skilled workers so that you will be getting good fencing work and services at the right time. And our work I was praised by all our customers.

Moreover, we will be inspecting your site before doing our fencing work. We will be guiding you from starting to the end of the fencing work. As we have our manufacturing unit, you can be able to do customized fencing and RCC wall according to a budget and need.

To date, we have done more than thousands of projects around Chennai. And we are available every day. You can be able to call us At 9994507632 and use our website, www.Subifencingcontractor.in. For more details and a clear idea about fencing and what are the ongoing projects and projects, we have done. Please visit our website which we have given. Please contact us for best better consultation and estimation immediately.

Make your property stand out with Best fencing contractors in chennai

To create Quality fence for your property and ensure your security with Subi fencing. We are known as the best fencing contractor in Chennai

Fencing contractors in OMR Chennai

Fencing contractors in OMR Chennai

Call now to schedule your fencing consultation with Subi fencing, the Leading Fencing contractors in OMR Chennai.

Fencing Contractor in OMR, Chennai.

Subi fencing contractor is one of the greatest fencing contractors in OMR, Chennai. We are Known for our expert installation And Customized fencing work at Affordable estimation.

OMR is also known as Navi Mumbai of Chennai City is situated near to the Chennai. And the Chennai Corporation started to a new kind of HITECH city in Chennai. Where can we find a greater number of IT parks and other manufacturing sectors. And Omr is also known as a best location for buying properties. In the upcoming days in Chennai. Moreover, Omr has more schools, Colleges and other residential with good hospital Facilities. As is known as the future of Chennai.

The actual name of OMR is known as Old Mahabalipuram Road. This major road has spread around 45 kilometres to Chennai and Kanchipuram district. This single stretch road has lots of IT Parks, BPOs and upcoming Multinational companies. We are going to be in this location Countries most prestigious institutions like National Research laboratories are in OMR.

OMR is developing a lot recently with more residential apartments and it has parks and schools. There is a major threat of Land encroachment, So People should think about it. Protecting their properties as soon as possible, doing Fencing work around their property It will give more security and creating a boundary line.

And how Fencing contractor will help you?

Chennai is one of the dream places for the people around South India and especially in Tamil Nadu. Moreover, People who move to Chennai for their work. They are mostly settled down within the city. After a certain period with their Savings people would like to buy new properties in OMR. Even though they buy properties, there is a major the threat for them like encroachment of land. So, people might lose their properties and lose their money also. To protect their properties, Place Fencing around their property. We give the most security from other people Land So they can Differentiate their property from other’s property. And they can Avoid confusion Between other landowners with them.

MNCs like Cognizant, TCS, HCL. And it is also located in this location. Due to the development in OMR, huge traffic has been migrated from Chennai and another part of Tamil Nadu.

And Omr is well connected to Guindy Metro station, Perungudi bus stand on thuraiPakkam bus stand, Vandalur, perungudi, thuraipakkam and guduvanchery is the nearest Railway station. There is always a craze between the young generation and Its employees. On OMR because it is also Compared with the electronic City of Bangalore. For its astonished Infrastructure and Technological enhancement.

Eventually, people move to OMR and get more properties, residential lands and Houses around OMR and inside OMR for the betterment of their life. As Chennai cities population is overflow people start to think about moving and spacious places around Chennai. And OMR is considered as one of the richest and high-tech places in Chennai.

How to choose a Fencing contractor?

  • Don't stop with one Fencing contractor have more choices.
  • Compare with one contractor with other contractors with their work experience and services.
  • Always be keen about estimation and the money they are quoting.
  • Try to be aware of the products. What They. They are using it for their financing services.
  • Check out the reviews and do some research on the fencing contractor.

Always try not to do fencing works in cheaper amount Which? Eventually in which Unqualified for fencing services. And the fences may get damaged and fall due to imbalance for the days. So be aware While choosing a Fencing contractor.

Why choose Subi fencing?

With nearly 20 years of experience in Fencing, field fencing is one of the top Fencing Contractors in Chennai and other part of Tamil Nadu. We are known for our service and quality with thousands of happy Clients Subi fencing Contractor will be the right choice for Fencing to your properties with best estimation and consultation we provide You with Quality service.

Moreover, we are manufacturing financing products and RCC walls. With high quality products with the latest technology in our manufacturing unit. So, there will be no comprehension in quality in our Products. Almost all the Steel products from our company. They are well galvanized, and it is rust resistor. So, All the Fencing works have a long life.

With better estimation with good quality of service and finishing the work at the right time. These are the major advantages of subi Fencing.

As We are using quality products for Fencing, it will be long-lasting for a decade by one-time investment. You can be able to protect your property with a high level of security call us immediately at 9994507632 for a free consultation and estimation for your fencing work. And please check. www.Subifencingcontractor.in

What kind of Fencing Can we use for your properties?

Suppose your property is located a certain distance away from you in Main Road. You can use Stone post with fence suppose your property is located near any kind of major road with heavy transportation. There will be a lot of vibration you can use Steel post fencing an RCC wall fencing show that your fence will not be eradicated if there is a road extension.

We are Using. Fencing techniques like.

  • Box-type Fencing.
  • U-type Fencing.
  • X-type Fencing.
  • Y Angel financing.
  • Line model fencing.

All the Fencing will be done mostly with barbed wires as per the Customers request. So, that no people can illegally enter your property.

We also prefer chain-link fencing, which gives more protection. we have Different types of chain link fencing such as:

Make your property stand out with our expert fencing installation services in OMR Chennai.

All type of Fences can be customized according to the customer’s request. And it will be placed for further consultation. And estimation process please contact us with the respected phone number 9994507632 and to see more details regarding fencing work, please go through ours Website. www.Subifencingcontractor.in

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