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Fencing contractors in Coimbatore

Fencing Contractor in Coimbatore

Subi fencing contractors are one of the leading fencing contractors in Coimbatore district. We are having a strong relationship with the Coimbatore people For past 17 years. Moreover, we have done our fencing, installation and services throughout Coimbatore district for Major building constructions And agriculture Land. Coimbatore is known for its educational, Manufacturer and service sector, After Chennai, Coimbatore is the most developed city in Tamil Nadu state. It has major institutes like PSG, Karunya and Hindustan universities. Majority of the. It sectors of Chennai are also available in Coimbatore Like Tidal Park ,HCL, CTC And so on. Coimbatore is known as one of the start of her for it sectors, and majority of the manufacturing sectors for machineries are available throughout the district. As Tirupur is nearer to Coimbatore, is one of the hub for textile industries And exportation and trading. Coimbatore is having Many industries from manufacturing to agriculture and majority of the industries Are seeking for fencing services. Moreover, Subi fencing contractors we had done Major products for One of the leading IT sector for their construction work. Coimbatore is known for agriculture and greenery scenery, We have done our fencing, installation and services for coconut farms And for major fruit horticulture Farms. Moreover, we can able to see many agricultural Fields around Pollachi  And animal forms around Mettupalayam, Most of these places are located near Highways And there are no safety Around this environment so, Installing and fencing and RCC compound wall will be in voice decision for the people.

Subi fencing contractors in Coimbatore. We are known for our best fencing installation and services. We are having different models of financing And RCC compound walls. According to the clients and Customers requirement will be Installed fencing and compound walls. We Subi fencing contractors in Coimbatore having Experience in fencing field we can able to do any kind of fencing works according to their budget.

Why fencing is more important in Coimbatore?

Coimbatore is one of the Important. Corporation Municipality in Tamil Nadu. As we had discussed this district is having different kind of sectors from educational, manufacturing and service Oriented industries. Are different kind of threats Are faced by these industries, It will be differ from the environment and the location where they Are located.

Fencing contractors in Coimbatore

What are the threats? Are faced by the people in Coimbatore?

Firstly. The people who are owning commercial properties around Coimbatore city are always having a threat Due to land encroachment. Moreover, Coimbatore city is one of the valuable city in Tamil Nadu and the city is being extended for many years. In case if you fail to Notice about your land. There is a Great chance of losing a land to other people.

Best fencing contractors in Coimbatore
Best fencing contractors in Coimbatore

In case you are Running an agricultural farm like coconut farm, Oil seeds, Tomato form and extra C you must be aware of Theft activities. To avoid this kind of activities you should be thinking about installing and fencing Wall around your farmland.


If you are running an industries like manufacturing sector or any kind of FMCG goods. Related industry you should be aware of creating an compound wall or fencing around your industry so that no people can enter Into your boundary line So that you can able to reduce unwanted activities In night time. We will be suggesting you to install a razor, wire fencing or RCC compound wall so that it will be creating an Secured boundary around your industry.


The people who are settled near the Western Ghats you can able to see large amount of hill station around your farmland so that there are Heavy chances that wild Animals Like wild boar Elephant's, which may come into your farmland on start to Destroy your crops. Show creating a Barbed wire fencing is the best option to reduce animal entering activities in your farmland by contacting Subi fencing contractor in Coimbatore. So that you can able to protect your crops and you can able to Increase the health of your crops.

Why to choose Subi fencing contractors as your fencing contractor?

  • Subi fencing contractors, we are having nearly 20 years of experience in fencing installation and services. Moreover, we are we had extended our services up to RCC compound wall installation.
  • We are having the best fencing Workers Who are having nearly 15 to 20 years of experience in fancy field, so that we will be giving guarantee that all the fencing works unflinching walls which we were creator will be lasting at least For a decade.
  • As we are using Tata Fencing wires for Manufacturing fence We will be giving assurance that all the Sensors will be corrosion resisted unable to manage any kind of weather condition.
  • All the fences are manufactured using well galvanised method so that  the fences will not be rusted soon.
  • We will be coming to your location and monitor What kind of Location and environment your property and industry is located. And we will be guiding you from the beginning to end of fencing works And what kind of fence will be suitable for you.
  • We can able to create a customised to fencing wall and RCC compound wall according to a needs and budget.
  • And most importantly, we are having our own manufacturing unit where all the fencing materials and compound wall materials are being manufactured. And we will be giving more priority for the quality and we are having our own quality checking team.
  • As we are following government Regulations and norms. All the products are done in high quality. In 2021 we had got best fencing contractors and manufacturers In Tamil Nadu. This makes us one of the best fencing contractors in Coimbatore
  • We had done nearly thousands of fencing installation throughout Tamil Nadu and we had Transporter are fencing materials throughout South India For major clients.
  • We had done fencing installation from Garden, Agricultural land, Industries And so we are having great knowledge about fencing services and RCC compound installation.
  • Subi fencing contractors in Coimbatore doing the fencing works at reasonable price for our clients.


Our Moto:

Creating and healthy competition within our Fellow competitors. Being best fencing services to the customers Beloved clients with full satisfaction and fulfilment. Customer happy is our first priority. Many of our clients reviewed as best fencing contractors in Coimbatore.

What are the services are given by Subi fencing contractors in Coimbatore?

In the year of 2006, pieces started of fencing service on installation. Later leave by knowing the customers need We had we had opened our own manufacturing unit for fencing and RCC compound wall materials. We are having products like.

  • Chain link Mesh

  • Razor wire

  • Barbed wire

  • RCC compound Slab

  • Fencing polls

  • RCC compound wall and fencing installation


Chain link mesh supplier in Coimbatore:

Chain link fencing is the most used fencing Throughout Coimbatore as It has soft surface. Chain link fencing in which multiple fence wire will be twisting with each other and creating and diamond shape Gap. As this fence having a less gap In between people will be suggesting. For the agricultural farmland. Most of the people who have sent business based on Coconut Farm, they are suggesting chain link fencing for their farm.

Barbed wire supplier in Coimbatore:

Barb Wire Fencing, in which a thorn kind of structure will be projecting from the fencing wire. I need to be creating a rough surface with sharp edges. People who are owning private property and having an threat of Other people in In that location. And the farmers who are having threat of wild animals for their farms are willing to have an barbed wire fencing.

Barbed wire Fencing contractors in Coimbatore
Barbed wire Fencing contractors in Coimbatore

Razor wire dealer in Coimbatore:

People who are owning an industries and having a threat due to thefts and buglers Can you think about Installing razor wire fencing. Above the walls are created fencing wall using razor wire. Has it has an blade kind of projection in between People cannot able to claim or enter or project their body parts Through the fence. Razor wire fence is the most sharpened Surfaced fence And it is created using German technology.

RCC compound slab supplier in Coimbatore:

RCC compound slab is one of the by-products of compound wall in which we will be creating an concrete slab which will be laterally installed One by one to create an ready made RCC compound wall. As we are having our own manufacturing unit, we can able to create different kind of customised compound wall according to the clients need.

RCC compound wall Contractors in Coimbatore
RCC compound wall Contractors in Coimbatore

Fencing Poles dealer in Coimbatore:

Fencing poles is one of the by-product for fencing installation which are Manufactured using different materials like stones, concrete and metal.

RCC compound wall and fencing installation in Coimbatore:

Apart from manufacturing RCC compound wall products We are also having expertise Team for installing fence And compound walls. We are having fencing and compound wall products in bulk manner so that you can able to buy all the products Individually according to their need and we will be transporting according to the Order if it is been  purchased in mass quantity.

People who are not having enough money to build an compound wall using Regular bricks and concrete can think about RCC compound wall because it will be cost Only 40% Of the cost of building and regular compound wall.

For better consultation and estimation, please contact us using +91 99945 07632 And visit our www.subifencingcontractor.in to know about our fencing services and Products.


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