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No.1 Fencing Contractors in Sholinganallur Chennai

Subi Fencing is the Leading Fencing contractors in Kottivakkam Chennai. We also a Manufacturer and supplier of fencing materials

Subi fencing contractor opened its wings to work as fencing contractors in Madhavaram, Chennai. as madhavaram is situated on the outskirts of Chennai city, it has many open areas. Most of the interior parts of Chennai are filled with buildings, and it is very difficult for us to find open land in Chennai city.

If you want to buy a nearby property in Chennai, you can try kottivakkam  is very close to Chennai's main areas; it has connectivity to all parts of Chennai.

Madhavaram has the biggest iconic manufacturing units; it also has the madhavaram milk farm, which produces milk for Chennai city. madhavaram has a big history of providing many important things to Chennai city.

In madhavaram, you can find many properties ready to build, and you can relocate to madhavaram if you want to be very close to Chennai. You can relocate to Madhavaram.

As many real estate peoples and general households buy property in madhavaram, and you are at greater risk of encroachment. People will use your property for a different purpose if you do not protect your property, so you need to build the compound wall, or I have fencing to protect your property.

Barbed wire and chain link fencing are very suitable for the madhavaram area. If you are searching for a fencing contractor in madhavaram Chennai, then Subi fencing is your right choice.

We have completed many successful pro projects in madhavaram. The nearest area to madhavaram is red hills, which also subi fencing has completed many fencing works.

At Subi fencing. We have many types of barbed wire fencing models few are listed below

  • X model barbed wire fencing
  • line model barbed wire fencing
  • U model barbed wire fencing
  • box model barbed wire fencing
  • wall top y angle barbed wire fencing
  • wall top angle barbed wire fencing

We also do chain link fencing in madhavaram subi fencing and are very skilled in providing chain link fencing and contract service in the madhavaram area. We are 20-plus years of experience in the madhavaram area. Chain link fencing is very good for City side properties because it looks nice and also it covers you are property more than barbed wire fencing.

Few of the models of chain link fencing or listed below

  • basic chain link fencing
  • chain link fencing with stay wires
  • Chain link fencing with barbed wires
  • chain link fencing with bend post barbed wire
  • rooftop chain link fencing
  • garden chain link fencing
  • kid's a play area, chain link fencing
  • PVC-coated chain link fencing

And many more models are available with subi fencing contractors to be put in the madhavaram area; you can call us anytime. We can customize your fencing needs.

Any time you can call us for expert opinion for Barbed wire fencing in Madhavaram chennai


Barbed wire fencing in madhavaram Chennai is the cheapest way to protect your property in madhavaram. All other types of fencing r comparatively costlier than barbed wire fencing. If you want to protect your property from any source, you have to put barbed wire fencing. 

Why Subi fencing contractor?

Subi fencing contractor is not only a fencing contractor; we are a manufacturer and supplier of all types of fencing materials. Reliability makes everyone select Subi fencing over other fencing contractors in Chennai quality is our priority, and timely completion of the project is very important for us. We give importance to client satisfaction.

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